world_05.jpgLe prochain congres de l'OSTIV se tiendra lors des 31ieme chanmpionnats du monde à Szeged en Hongrie du 28 Juillet au 4 Aout 2010.

L'OSTIV lance un "Call for Papers" : vous pouvez faire acte de candidature pour présenter un sujet lors du congres !

 XXX OSTIV-Congress 2010 Szeged, Hungary - 28 July – 4 August 2010
Call for Papers
The XXX Congress of the „International Scientific and Technical Organisation for Soaring Flight“ – Organisation Scientific et Technique Internationale du Vol à Voile (OSTIV) - will be held at the site of the 31th World Gliding Championships in the Open-, 18m- and 15m Class, Szeged, Hungary, from 8 July – 4 August 2010

The Congress addresses all scientific and technical aspects of soaring flight including motorgliding, hanggliding , paragliding, ultralight sailplanes and aeromodeling.
Opportunity of presentation and discussion of papers is given in the following categories:

  • Scientific Sessions : Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics as related to soaring flight.
  • Technical Sessions : Aerodynamics, Structures, Materials, Design, Maintenance.
  • Training and Safety Sessions : Training and Safety, Coaching, Health, Physiology.


Joint Sessions:
Scientific and technical topics, reviews or news, presented in an informative and entertaining way for the broader interest of the World Gliding Championships and OSTIV.
Topics on instrumentation, electronics, safety, statistics and other system technologies will be included in the sessions for which the application of the technology is most relevant.


 Deadline for Abstracts and Final Paper:
The deadline for the Abstracts –max. two A4 pages including figures- is 1 May 2010.
Letters of acceptance together with instructions for paper preparation will be mailed by 15 May 2010.
Deadline for the paper – max. about 10 pages including figures - is 1 July 2010, guidelines at (editor)

Please use the form below to send a copy of your Abstract to the OSTIV Secretariat, clearly marked by either meteorological-, technical-, training and safety- or joint session.

Oral presentations at the Congress will be limited to 30 minutes and should consist of highlights of the written paper.
The paper will be published in OSTIV’s refereed International Journal of Technical Soaring (ISSN 0744-8996) after the Congress.

There is no registration fee for the Congress!

If you would like further information about OSTIV or the Congress, or if you wish to attend the Congress, please complete the form below and send it to the OSTIV Secretariat.

Call for nominations OSTIV Plaque / Klemperer Award:
At OSTIV Congresses an OSTIV Plaque and Klemperer Award is presented to the person who has made a most noteworthy scientific or technical contribution to soaring flight.
The prize for the year 2010 will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the XXXth OSTIV Congress.
All Active and Individual OSTIV Members can send in nominations. In making such nominations, particular attention should be given to recent contributions to soaring flight by the nominee, although earlier outstanding work will also be taken into account. Nominations should include details of the nominee’s contributions and a short biography.
All nominations for the OSTIV Plaque / Klemperer Award must be received by L. L. M. Boermans, the President of OSTIV, c/o TU Delft, Fac. Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, NL-2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands by 1 May 2010.