Du 9 au 10 novembre 2024, Karlsruhe accueillera pour la première fois un salon pour tous les amateurs de vol thermique. Les vélivoles, les deltaplanes, les parapentes et les modèles de planeurs y seront représentés.

INTERGLIDE was presented to the public for the first time at the 80th Glidind Day in Freudenstadt at the beginning of November. The 81st industry event will take place in 2024 at Messe Karlsruhe as part of INTERGLIDE. In 2023, 51 exhibitors and around 1200 visitors attended the event.

How did I come up with the idea?
The first public presentation of my idea took place at the Segelfliegertag in Karlsruhe. I noticed how important it is for glider pilots to touch, see and understand the products that they know from magazines, the Internet or from hearsay! Unfortunately, our sport hardly offers the opportunity to simply try out and try on products in the sports market in everyday life! However, larger events were too expensive and important exhibitors were usually not represented. There was great demand for our own trade fair on thermal flying and I decided to pursue the idea further.

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