230929It is now official: Schempp-Hirth is working on a Ventus E electric self-launcher concept. What was considered as a technical challenge around 13 years ago with the Arcus E, has now developed into a mature solution thanks to the continuous development in the field of electric mobility. Gliders with electric propulsion, sufficient range and the ability to self-launch are now a realistic option, and this is exactly what the Ventus E concept represents.
Schempp-Hirth invite you to the upcoming German Gliding Day on November the 4th in Freudenstadt Musbach, where we would like to give more detailed information about all our projects. During this Gliding Day,  Schempp-Hirth will present the Ventus E concept and you will have the opportunity to meet the new Schempp-Hirth Service and Repair department.