How a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) can save your life !

why carry a PLBFirst of all, because it can save your life. If you are injured and immobile – whether that’s from a fall, capsize (if on water), snakebite or onset of illness – your PLB is your lifeline to safety. As discussed below, activating it will trigger a search and allow rescuers to hone in precisely on your location. PLBs can be bought from camping/hiking/adventure retailers or also rented from specialist outlets. Remember, these beacons are small and light, no bigger that a sunglasses case and fit easily in your backpack.

The fact is these beacons have saved tens of thousands of lives in remote country.But tragically, not enough people who enjoy the great outdoors know about them, or how to use them.Every year, people die unnecessarily doing what they love when a small investment in obtaining a PLB would have saved them.So to help those who love the outdoors, and our tireless search and rescue authorities,

Guide to Personal Locator Beacons >>>