Safety Comes First by Bruno Gantenbrink - Translated by David Noyes, Edited by Beth Langstaff - The following article was published in Aerokurier, February, 1993.

My talk was advertised as a banquet speech.  What does one expect of such a presentation?  Something pleasing, something educational, in any case, something positive.  Nothing which disturbs one’s picture of gliding.  In this sense, my talk is not a speech suitable to a celebration.  What can one say that is celebratory of safety?  This presentation may frighten you, provoke you, or make you think.  All of these reactions are to be expected.  It does not matter to me whether what I have to say will cause negative or positive headlines in the press.  If somebody comes to me afterward and says, “Is it really necessary for you to air our dirty linen with press present and strangers listening?”  It will not concern me in the least.
If one were to gather together everything about soaring that was worth knowing, in my opinion, it would be divided into four chapters.

That sentence : “The most dangerous part of gliding is the trip to the glider field” .....  is the dumbest, most ignorant saying that has found a home in our sport.