NEW: In Namibia TopMeteo introduced the Service FlySat-Message

Locktow/Brandenburg, Germany, November 2011. introduces its new service FlySat-Message in Namibia. This service offers for the first time ever in flight update of meteorological information delivered by text messages to a cell phone. In addition all the well known weather forecast services are now offered for southern Africa including Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

Even at the high altitude of the soaring flights in Namibia text messages can even be received. Having intensively tested it last year officially launches this October the new FlySat-Message service translating the latest satellite image of Namibia into a text message. Once an hour this text message is sent by the server to the cell phone selected by the user. Thus, for the first time ever a periodical update on the meteorological condition will be available in flight and therefore significantly increasing the flight safety in this region. Especially the flight conditions in direction to the home base and the development of thunderstorms will clearly be indicated.

In order to be able to visualize the information of the satellite image the region has been split into sectors of 1°x1° (approx. 100km x 100km). Using this approach a text message can be generated offering an intuitive usability. The soaring centres of Bitterwasser, Pokweni and Kiripotib are in the centre of the image displayed on the cell phone. For each sector the information on cloud coverage (cu and total), the type of clouds and the density of Cirrus clouds is hourly updated and transferred into a text.

Last southern summer Guy Bechtold did some in flight testing for His resume:
During the flight the FlySat-Message is simple to interpret after having some first exercise. However, it increases safety substantially. 400 km out of Bitterwasser the weather for the flight to the home base can already be estimated. Just this information enabled me to find the right decision on how to finish the flight in using save and still optimized path.

FlySat-Message can be ordered daily and will be sent as an hourly meteorological update by a text message between 11:00 and 18:00 local. It has to be noted that additional cost due to the roaming can be generated. A cell phone correctly displaying line feeds of text messages is needed.

A 14 day valid bundle of FlySat-Message plus unlimited access to all weather forecast charts is as well available for just 69,90 €

Both services can be ordered on line on the site

More information : Namibia TopMeteo