Configure your weather individually!

TopMeteo, specialist for gliding and aviation forecasts, starts a new feature to individually configure the order and appearance of forecast charts, satellite pictures and weather parameters of the site forecast.

The new feature "My Weather" offers the possibility to set up an individual quick access. Pilots create new topical folders like "Wave Flying", "VFR-overview", "Barbecue" or "Gliding nationals". These folders can be filled with the specific products for the individual needs. Pilots of both, gliders and motorplanes, will e.g. access the two daily aggregates "Potential Flight Distance - PFD" and "Potent. daily VFR hours" on the very top of the forecasting charts, to get a quick decision for thermalling around or flying to the beach. Meteorological flight planning will be accelerated even more.

New in spring 2014: Wind forecasting in FL250 / 7.600m ASL - specially for high flyers and jetstream surfers ;-) 

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