Une nouvelle version 4.04 est disponible en libre téléchargement sur le site FLARM : http://www.flarm.com/support/updates/index_en.html 4.04 08/06/17 This update is only significant for:
              - users who use flight record downloading onto SD card
              - users of devices manufactured by LX navigation who need to configure the baud rate on the dataport
              - users who experienced intermittent GPS failure (please also verify antenna installation)

              FIX: Improved GPS fix reliability on devices with substandard GPS antenna placement. This bug was introduced with the V4.0 release.
              FIX: Some log records would be written incompletely to the SD card. Only the most current record was affected.
              ADD: Accidental downgrading of firmware with SD card is no longer possible
              ADD: Serial port baudrate can be configured on LX devices
              ADD: Baud rate and ICAO ID can be set through SD card configuration file