• Applicability: Solo 2350 B, 2350 BS, 2350 C and 2350 D engines, all serial numbers.
  • Affected Ball Bearing: Ball bearing 25 x 52 x 15 – 6205-2-RS, P/N 0050110.

An occurrence was reported of failure of the bearing of the upper pulley of the belt driven reduction gear, resulting in separation of the propeller from the engine.  
This condition, if not corrected, could lead to similar occurrences, with possible reduced control of, and damage to, the aeroplane.
To address this potential unsafe condition, Solo redesigned the nut securing the pulley bearing on the axle and introduced a life time limit of 15 years for the reduction gear bearings.
For the reason stated above, this AD requires replacement of affected parts with serviceable parts, and introduces a life limit for the affected ball bearings.

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