The Open Glider Network (OGN), a unified tracking platform for gliders, is going from strength to strength. So much so that it now prides itself on having almost 2000 OGN stations worldwide and almost 20,000 gliders registered, with peaks of 15,000 gliders/aircrafts at one time under the control of the network. The OGN web site alone has peaks of more than 1 million hits a day.

To add to these successes, OGN has recently passed a major milestone, receiving a prestigious award by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Angel Casado (AC) has been the Spanish Delegate at the FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) for many years. He is also the Vice President and Bureau Member of the Commission since 2019. He joined OGN in 2015, when the project was still in its infancy.

  • How is OGN organised?
  • How and when is OGN used during FAI-sanctioned events?
  • Do you see the future of OGN to remain FLARM based or will specific trackers replace FLARM in the future?
  • Other air sports are increasingly using FLARM. Do you think that they will adopt OGN?