Water Landing : An Interview with David Krautter by soaringthesky.com

David Krautter grew up flying at a small airport near Huntsville, Alabama named Moontown. He received his private pilot’s license at 17.  He attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta and studied aerospace engineering.  David got into soaring in 2010 after he graduated, flying with the Mid Georgia Soaring Association. During that time he started competing and working on improving his cross country skills. David moved to California in 2018 and purchased a LS-6. He spent the last year completely refinishing and modifying the LS-6 with new winglets and other modifications. Two months after refinishing it he landed in Lake Tahoe during the Truckee Regional contest….David is here today to share his story and the events that led up to that crash. We greatly appreciate David’s willingness to share his story so we all can learn from it.