The objectives of the IGC Official Ranking System are :
     - to represent as accurately as possible the relative performance of soaring competitors from their results in national and international soaring competitions
     - to promote soaring competition
     - to create a focus for promotion of competitive soaring
     - to promote the development of a high quality international competition structure
     - to create resources within the IGC to enable them to raise the standard of IGC category 1 soaring competitions and improve contact between the media and Soaring.
The IGC ranking system provides an official seeding list of competition glider pilots participating in International contests and contests sanctioned for inclusion.
The Ranking List has two components: Pilot Rating and Competition Rating. A Pilots Rating is the result of his/her performance in IGC sanctioned competitions. the Competition Rating depends on the type of competition, the quality of the pilots competing and the number of competition days. A pilots ranking points are awarded for his performance in up to two category 1 competitions and any number of category 2 competitions.

Welcome to the IGC Ranking list, the list is updated after each competition that is sanctioned for inclusion :