The final qualifying event for the 5th Sailplane Grand Prix series will take place at ZAR in Poland 27th July to 3rd August, the winners of this event will qualify for the World Sailplane Grand Prix final to take place at Sisteron  in France during spring 2014.
Due to the poor weather during the Slovakia SGP at Prievidza there are still three places in the World final available for the winners of the ZAR SGP if there are sufficient entries.

It is still possible to enter this final qualifying event to qualify for the World Final and to fly against one of the Worlds greatest glider pilots Sebastian Kawa.

The event will be covered on the new official Sailplane Grand Prix web site that is being prepared for the 2014 final and the next series of Sailplane Grand Prix events.

The Official web site can be accessed at

Details of all the previous Sailplane Grand Prix events can also be found on the new official site along with the list of pilots already qualified for the 2014 World final.