logo_seeyou_01.gif Naviter vient de dévoiler la version 3.0 de SeeYou Mobile.
Les principales nouveautés sont : un "radar Flarm", une fonction GOTO Flarm, une interface carte 10 fois plus rapide, intégration des différents formats de fichiers waypoint, interface fichiers, nouvelles navbox, .....


Major Upgrades: (reverse order of implementation)
Version 3.0
+ Flarm Radar
+ Goto Flarm
+ Pan and rotate map freely
+ 10x faster map display
+ Support for Aircotec XC Trainer
+ Support for multiple Waypoint files
+ Support for many Waypoint file formats
+ Magnetic declination Navboxes (Radial, MagBrg, MagTrk)
+ Waypoint filter dialog

Minor Upgrades: (reverse order of implementation)

Version 3.0
- Flarm friendly name stored for later use
- Waypoint filter dialog
- New File Open dialogs (automatic search for files)
- Supported proprietary Tasman NMEA sentences
- Display Options dialog now multipage
- Support for software ports (GPD)
- Start altitude and speed are reported at start time
- New actions for hardware keys: 'no action' and 'default action'
- Changed target zoom algorythm to prevent zooming in too close or too far
- Minor fixes to communication DLLs
- Numerous fixes

Plus d'infos : http://www.naviter.si/seeyou-mobile/seeyou-mobile-3.0-2.php?Itemid=1