Le Grand Prix de France ߇밟緢 width= est de retour à Saint-Sulpice ! Rendez-vous en classe 18 mètres pour des courses du 21 au 28 juillet 2024
The venues and dates for the 12th series of FAI Sailplane Grand Prix (SGP) national contests have been announced. The national contests are qualifying events for the 12th Sailplane Grand Prix final which will be held in 2025 in St Auban (France). The top pilots from each event will qualify to fly in the final contest with the Winner being declared World Sailplane Grand Prix Champion.
France Venue - Saint-Sulpice 21st to 27th July 2024

Saint-Sulpice near Rennes will host the French Qualifying Grand Prix for the fifth time since 2013. The 2024 edition will take place during the season with the best weather. The competitors will enjoy flying over the flatland of Brittany with remarkable convergence lines, allowing the pilots to enjoy racing near the Atlantic Ocean!

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