Used for competitions, fine tuned aerodynamically and in all details
Fully equipped for racing

Now visible at the World Gliding Championship in Ostrow (Poland)

Total hours: 1700
Starts: 480
Flight computer: Zander ZS1
Radio: ILEC KRT II 8.33 kHz
Year of construction: 1999
Trailer: Cobra
Wingspan: 15m
ARC until: 03.2019
Serial Number: 95

Canopy: Blue tinted, MECAPLEX
Paint: repainted in 2012 in PU, airfoils checked
Safety release: 2x TOST (C.G. & Nose)
Wings: new type seals with Teflon tapes, Mylar seals and 3-D-turbulators

   - Winter: ASI, ALT
   - Bohli: vario
   - Radio: ILEC KRT2 8.33 MHz
   - Compass Airpath Instruments

Navigation: avionics and IGC flight recorder:
   - Zander ZS1 with electronic compass
   - Zander Stick Remote Control
   - Zander GP941 (revised and updated 2016)
   - Traffic warning system DSX T-Advisor IGC recorder or Flarm
   - Solar panels (total 10W) with DSX Energy regulator / optimiser (*)

   - Allweather Covers
   - Batteries: 3 x 9.Ah@12V + Tail: 6.6Ah@12Vbr>   - 10W solar panels
   - 2 chargers
   - Oxygen system: MH EDS D1a

Ground handling
   - Tail dolly
   - Wing dolly (new 2016 by IMI Gliding)
   - Glider towing arm
   - Wing stand

No fin markings / competition markings
Faired wingtip wheels

New seat belts in 2012

   - Trailer Cobra
   - Total weight 750kg
   - Tire: Extra Steel Reinforced, as new - km: app 3.000 km

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Ventus 2B fine tuned for performanceVentus 2B fine tuned for performanceVentus 2B fine tuned for performanceVentus 2B fine tuned for performance